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Show us what you've got and win with your picture

Win a 25 EUR Maciag Offroad shopping voucher with your picture. We give away two vouchers each week. All you have to do is to go to our Facebook page where you can post your picture on our timeline. It doesn't matter if you're on your motocross or enduro bike, on your ATV or mountainbike. The mein thing is that we see that you're having fun!

You're not on Facebook or prefer to participate on Instagram? No problem! Post your picture on your Instagram page, add #MaciagOffroad and with a little luck, you can win a 25 EUR Maciag Offroad voucher.

How to participate

Participate on Facebook:

  • Go to our Facebook page
  • Post your picture on our timeline
  • Keep your fingers crossed
To our Facebook-page

Participate on Instagram:

  • Open your Instagram-Profile
  • Post the picture on your public profile
  • Comment this post with#MaciagOffroad
  • Keep your fingers crossed
Here's our instagram page

Conditions of participation

With your participation, you accept the terms and conditions of the competition:

  • Each week we give away 2 x 25 Euro shopping vouchers from Maciag Offroad with a minimum order value of 25 Euro.
  • To participate, you either have to post your photo on our wall on Facebook or on your public profile on Instagram with the hashtag #maciagoffroad. Participations via private message or e-mail won't be considered.
  • With your participation you accept that you have the picture rights and the permission for participation from the shown people or owner of the shown bikes. With your written confirmation, Maciag Offroad isn't liable for any cases of copyright theft.
  • We reserve the right to suspend the competition at any time.
  • The winners will be drawn weekly and will be informed by private message.
  • With your participation, you give us your consent to share the picture on Facebook, Instagram and in our newsletter and to name you with your social media user name.
  • Your shown social media user name and your picture will be internally saved permanently. If you request so, we will delete these data.
  • Legal process is excluded
  • A cash payment of the voucher value is not possible.