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Five Ten has had a lasting influence on the history of climbing since 1985. But in Redlands, California, people weren’t satisfied with only that. Today, company founder Charles Cole can proudly claim that no other footwear company has managed to literally “gain a foothold” in so many different areas of extreme sports.

he (North American) level of difficulty 5.10 marks the threshold to “extreme climbing” and gives a clear indication of the origins of Five Ten. Since then, the evolution of modern sport climbing has posed new challenges for man and material year after year. Today it can be said that Five Ten has reinvented the climbing shoe: Countless first ascents since 1985 would have been impossible without Five Ten climbing shoes or would only have been realized many years later. What began with climbing shoes and continued with boarding and water sports shoes has been indispensable in mountain biking for years. Years may have passed since the last time there was no Five Ten shoe on the podium at a Mountain Bike Downhill World Cup race. Downhill world champion Sam Hill and freeride legend Danny MacAskill swear by the brand. Both have even developed their own show in collaboration with Five Ten

In our Five Ten shop you’ll find everything an MTB heart desires: Mountain bike shoes, freeride shoes, downhill shoes, T-shirts, caps and beanies.

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