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Alpinestars: ONE GOAL. ONE VISION.

The Italian Santa Mazzarolo founded the company "Alpinestars Inc." in 1963 in Veneto. In the beginning, it concentrated on the extreme and marginal sports sectors. Before Alpinestars expanded its range to include motocross, mountain bike and streetwear, the company manufactured hiking and skiing products.

In motor sports (Formula 1, MotoGP, motocross etc.) Alpinestars became known worldwide mainly for products such as racing suits, boots and protective gear and is now one of the leading manufacturers of racewear. Alpinestars is also well established in the leisure sector, their streetwear is a must on the racecourses of the world.

Safety is the most important aspect when it comes to the development of products at Alpinestars. After all, health is most important and must always be protected. With this basic idea, Alpinestars has earned itself a place and a name in the world of racing. The fastest riders in the world rely on the brand, e.g.: Marc Marquez - MotoGP, Sam Sunderland - adventure touring, Jeffrey Herlings - motocross, Eli Tomac - motocross, Fernando Alonso - Formula 1, Aaron Gwin - mountain bike, Sam Reynolds - mountainbike.

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