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Motocross & Enduro tire change - we show you how it's done!

As an Enduro or MX pilot, there is no way around regularly changing your tires. Especially rear tires are worn down quickly and need to be changed frequently to give you the best grip. It's not bad to be able to do this yourself, it can save you money and time, which you can then spend on the track. We show you a quick and easy way to change your tires yourself and what to keep in mind when doing it.

Have fun!

Some advice before we start

  1. Before buying a new set of tires, do a bit of research on different tire properties. Do you ride enduro and often have to ride on the road for a couple of kilometers? Then you should probably choose a harder rubber compund that lasts longer. If you only ride on MX tracks and on soft ground, it is worth looking for a softer compound. It wears more quickly, but gives you more traction and enhances grip. Should you have any questions about tires, don't hesitate to contact our customer support.
  2. Pay close attention to the rotation direction of your tire before starting with the installation. A tire mounted the wrong way can lead to a higher crash and injury risk due to worse cornering and braking traction.
  3. There are multiple ways to change a tire. We show you a quick and easy way with no need for special tools.

Got it? Great! Then let´s get started!

1. Preparation

Working steps: (for front and rear tire respectively)

  1. Remove your wheel from the bike. You can use the new tire as underpacking.
  2. Deflate the tire and loosen the bead lock screw.
  3. Press the bead of the tire away from the flange, towards the lower inner section of the rim.

2. Taking of the old tire

Working steps:

  1. Press the tire irons under the tire bead and break it away from the rim step by step on one side.
  2. Remove the tube from the tire as far as possible.
  3. Now you can use the tire iron to remove the tire completely.
    Tipp: A soft face hammer is a great tool to get the tire off the rim without doing any damage.
  4. Remove the bead lock and the rim tape and clean the rim.
  5. Put bead lock and rim tape back on. Now you can put on the new tire.

3. Putting on the new tire

Working steps:

  1. Apply tire bead lubricant to the tire on both sides.
  2. Use the tire iron to get the bead into the rim on one side.
  3. Put in the tube and align the valve.
  4. Use tire iron and bead buddy to put on the tire completely. The soft face hammer can help you here as well.
  5. Now you can inflate the tire. Pay attention to the correct position of valve and bead lock and check if the tire is mounted properly all the way around. Done!
A couple more tips: Check your bead lock after the first ride, as it can get loose again and needs to be retightened. We also recommend cleaning and lubricating your wheel spacers before putting in the wheel again.

More about MX tires

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