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An idea, a technical innovation and a lot of passion. These are the ingredients of the success story of the Renthal brand, which originated in Manchester, England. Over 40 years ago, the two founders Henry Rosenthal and Andrew Renshaw competed there with the aim of developing their own handlebars for trial bikes. Since the two founders not only pushed their project forward with a great deal of passion, but were also the first manufacturers to use aluminium in handlebar construction, they were soon able to open up new areas with this technical innovation. Renthal entered the motocross and enduro sport scene in 1975 thanks to the quality and durability of its handlebars.

With its goal in mind, technical innovation and continuous development that resulted in lighter and less vibrating MX handlebars, Renthal grew continuously in the 1970s and 80s to become the leading manufacturer of handlebars for motocross and mountain bikes. The fact that Renthal also lived up to its high standards on the racetrack was demonstrated by the success of the riders and machines that competed with Renthal handlebars. They collected 181 world champion titles and 184 US titles in the past years.

This quality didn’t remain hidden even from renowned manufacturers of motocross machines. Since 2004, Renthal has received the highest praise in motocross for its high-quality handlebars. For over 10 years now, the top performance machines from Suzuki, KTM, Honda and Kawasaki have been equipped with the Renthal Twinwall, Fatbar or 7/8 handlebars as standard equipment. The Brits offer the same quality for mountain bikes. They were able to benefit from the experience gained and implement it in the production of their mountain bike and downhill handlebars. Here Renthal also pushed the further development of its handlebars and focused on carbon as material.

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