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Fox Racewear Guide

Find your perfect Fox racewear

The classic among the Fox product ranges is the tried and tested 180 line. It embodies the combination of motocrosss style, comfort and performance and offers a long service life and maximum movement with its robust quality. The moisture-wicking fabric ensures dry and comfortable wearing comfort. The ventilation zones optimise air circulation and ensure a comfortable body temperature.

This collection combines precise, robust durability and agile movement in a perfectly coordinated combo on a unique level. The design has been perfected by many Fox athletes. Whether you are at the starting gate for the first time, winning you first competition or the ultimate champion of all time - the 360 racewear is always for top performances.

Fox developed the Legion products from its many years of experience on the MX track. Its numerous features are aimed primarily at Enduro riders. This line is characterised by robust materials, maximum ventilation and a fist-class fit. Various mesh inserts and the 4-way stretch material ensure all-day comfort.

The Flexair collection from Fox stands for maximum movement and mobility on the bike. This line is designed to fit seamlessly onto the human body. The current design, for example, is reminiscent of the early 90s with the Idol line and is thus aimed at modern top riders. Lightweight materias ensure a unique riding experience.

The Airline product range was specially developed by Fox for particularly warm weather conditions. Individual closure systems, a variety of air vents through which a large amount of air can be introduced and the light weight ensure an optimum fit, maximum comfort and best performance on the bike. This collection is used by professionals during the motocross summer season.