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Maciag Bonus Points

Maciag Bonus Points

What are Maciag bonus points and how do I receive them?

With our bonus point programme we thank our customers for their loyality. For every article bought your account automatically receives bonus points. Additional bonus points can be received through activities like product reviews, participation in raffles, etc.
You will receive 1 bonus point for every Euro spent, if the article is not returned. These again have a value of 1 Cent. For example, if you purchase a product worth 89,95€ and an additional one for 34,70€, you'll receive 89,95 + 34,70 = 125 (rounded upwards) bonus points to your account.

You can obtain bonus points for:

How can I redeem my Maciag bonus points?

Your accumulated bonus points can be converted into a voucher which can be used on your next purchase. The smallest available voucher amounts to 10€. You can create the following vouchers:

1.000 points = 10€ voucher
2.500 points = 25€ voucher
5.000 points = 50€ voucher
10.000 points = 100€ voucher

Vouchers can be redeemed immediately or kept for a later purchase.

Where can I look up my bonus point account and convert the bonus points to a voucher?

Nothing simpler than that! You can view the status of your bonus points at "My Account" and "My Bonus Poiunts". There you also have the option to "Exchange your bonus points for a voucher".

Do bonus points and vouchers expire?

Bonus points do not expire at all. You can save them as long as you want. Vouchers that have been converted from bonus points expire after 6 months.

Can I combine my vouchers from bonus points with others vouchers?

Sorry, but this is not possible. Only one voucher per order may be used. This applies to all vouchers, including the ones converted from bonus points.

What happens to bonus points, if I cancel or return my order?

If you cancel or return your order all bonus points already credited for the item will be removed from your account.

Do I receive bonus points on the entire assortment or are there exceptions?

You will receive bonus points without exception for every article purchased in the Maciag Offroad online shop up to an article value of 1500€.

Any further questions? Our customer support will be glad to help you!