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Your Five Ten MTB Shoe Guide

Your Five Ten MTB Shoe Guide

Your Five Ten MTB Shoe Guide

Which MTB shoe fits your style the most?

All Mountain or Freeride? Enduro, Slopestyle or rather Downhill? And let us not forget North Shore and the Bikepark. To not lose track in this labyrinth of terminology we will provide you with a comprehensive overview. All of the categories like Enduro, Freeride or All Mountain have one thing in common: Each one of them has very specific requirements to your equipment, especially your MTB gear.

The Five Ten philosophy

If you are looking for MTB shoes that will never let you down there is no way around Five Ten. Originally famous for their climbing shoes, the Californians transferred their knowledge into the MTB sport early on. All the experience and knowledge gained from manufacturing high-class equipment for alpine sports benefited Five Ten greatly in the development of their first shoes. Considering this background it is not suprising, that for over 10 years Five Ten has been dominating the MTB scene with their extremely grippy high-performance rubber mixtures. From the start their main focus has always been on the exceptional rubber mixtures of their shoes, because it is this very rubber that dampens the hard impacts on trails and landings, functions as a tight link between you and your bike and provides the needed stability and grip on your pedal to keep in complete control. This extremely soft high-perfomance rubber attracted much attention and kicked off a downright revolution on the Flat pedal. Riders like Sam Hill and Chris Kovarik greatly profited from these advancements and helped them to downright crush their opponents.

All Mountain

All Mountain: versatile und challenging

All Mountain is one of the most versatile categories of the mountainbike sport. Everything from Cross Country and Marathon to Freeride is possile on an All Mountain bike with appropriate suspension. This too demands a great versatility from a MTB shoe, therefore Five Ten developed a rubber mixture for all-round application - the S1. The S1 is a tough and durable ruber mixture with outstanding grip and adhesion on a Flat Pedal. It provides stability and the cushioned midsole is able to absorb hard impacts on your pedal without sacrificing even a little bit of comfort. The Freerider, Freerider Canvas and the new weatherproof Freerider ELC are Five Ten's bestsellers and enjoy complete trust among beginners and Pros alike.

With its remarkable Contact sole the Freerider Contact> offers maximum grip, low weight and competition-proven material. In combination with the extremely soft and grippy Mi6 sole the 'Freerider Contact' meets the requirements for an All Mountain shoe perfectly.
Furthermore Five Ten has expanded its product range with the 'Kestrel'. This shoe features a combination of the soft Mi6 rubber and the harder C4 sole and presents a genuine alternative if you are looking for a stiff and high-performance click-shoe that transfers your power to the pedal effectively.

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Gravity & Freeride

Gravity: Where is the next track?

Gravity stands for Downill, Freeride and Bikepark. In others words: All-out performance. No matter if you are taking steep downhill sections, blocked trails, demanding technique passages in the bikepark, tables, double or drops, the demands to you and your bike are extreme. That is why the Gravity features a toe- and heelcap to protect your feet from ricochets and roots. The sole's soft Mi6 rubber mixture dampens the impacts from your Flat Pedals impressively and encloses your pedal's pins completely to ensure maximum traction. This provides you perfect grip and maximum control of your bike in every situation. Riders like Greg Minnaar, Sam Hill or Steve Peat utilize the advantages of Five Ten's shoes like Impact VXi and Impact VXi Clipless for their Mountain Bike World Cup wins.

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Dirt & Street

Dirt: It's all about tables, tricks & style

Jumps, Drops and Tricks - the lifeblood of a dirtrider. Those requirements have to be reflected by your shoes. Dirt is not about uphill climbs, it is primarily about the dampening of impact shocks and stability on your pedal. These qualities are particularly important if your landing was not on point or you missed a trick.
For those situation Five Ten created the Marathon rubber - a very robust and durable mixture. This sole helps you keep a tight grip on your pedals, while being extremely comfortable to wear during all difficulties you might encounter on the track. But functionality is not everything, your style is what seperates you from others. Therefore Five Ten ensured that the Sleuth, Dirtbag and Spitfire feature a cool look and unique style.

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