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Test Report Ardrider MTB Combo ION

Test Report Ardrider MTB Combo ION

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ION Scrub MTB combo in the test

The MTB market is getting bigger and bigger, and every year, new products are launching. Choosing the right equipment is more complicated than ever. The Ardrider team consists of the couple Luca and Jelka. Luca is riding downhill for 7 years already and, because of his work as a riding technique trainer, he's quite good at the technical side of the sport. Through him, Jelka has also come to biking and as she says, this was one of the best decisions she has made so far. Together they will test some MTB products for us. This time, they vet the jerseys and shorts from the Scrub Amp line by ION.


The company ION, which is mainly known for their watersports clothing, has been an integral part of the mountain bike scene for several years. Be it combos, protectors, backpacks, gloves, et cetera, ION has a gapless portfolio. The Scrub Amp series is promoted as an all mountain/enduro & freeride line, which immediately caught our interest. Simply black, but not too boring. In this line, there are good looking combos for men and women. Yes, women and clothing. Unfortunately, there's not much MTB clothing for women in the gravity sector that looks good, fits and isn't purple or pink. In the past, it was very difficult for Jelka to find halfway decent looking bikewear. Which is not very easy with 50kg and 164cm when it should fit properly. Clothing for kids and small men's sizes are often a workaround. Jelka was especially fond of the ION Scub combos for women, which are available in different colours, because they fit and don't signify the usual women's wear look.


We wear the jerseys with a chest protector in bike parks and without on our hometrails. Even though the style is a bit narrow, unlike other MX orientated jerseys, we didn't have a negative impression. We really like the fit.
ION has put some thoughts into the design of the jersey to make the everyday mountain bike life as easy as possible. For example, downright at the seam, a spectacle cloth is sewed on, which bizarrely always did it's job despite sweat and wetness. On the left side is a small pocket which can be closed with a zipper. This is particularly good for contactless lift tickets.

Unlike the shorts, the jerseys don't have any signs of wear and tear after months of using. Neither on the fabric, nor on the logos or ornaments. Luca's jersey has now a small hole on the right shoulder, which resulted from a fall during a photoshooting. To be honest, the shoulder, with an AC joint blast, has also not stayed intact.


As we fetched the light bike short from the Maciag Offroad parcel we thought "This is supposed to be a gravity short? Will it last long? Won't it be worn out immediately?!" Without thinking about it much, we did what we do best: riding our bikes. After almost four months of continuous use we think that we can give you a good impression about the pants.
The simple black shorts have two big pockets on both sides. No matter if tools, your wallet or your smart phone - there's a lof of space and nothing gets lost. You can button up the pants with a press button and a velcro fastener. The perfect fit can be adjusted with two velcro fasteners on both sides ofthe waistband. From the outside, the Scrub short closes well with the knee protector, since it covers the knee, which we like a lot. While kicking the Höhenmeter in Saalbach we noticed that the pockets are indeed big, but they are unpleasantly rubbing in the crotch area. Unfortunately, the pockets aren't sewed in. We hope there will be a change about his.

ION Short Detailbilder

After some practice and some serious falls we have to admit that the pants are tougher than we thought. The fabric that ION used for their gravity shorts is very high-quality. The velcro fastener also hasn't any signs of wear and tear, even though we weren't really keen about it at the beginning to be honest. While we can say that his is a very sturdy mountain bike short, we also noticed some things we didn't like.
The fabric of the Scrub Amp short is indeed very tough, but really sensitive when it comes to dirt. We have the impression that the shorts look dirty very quickly. If in the morning when unloading the bikes or during breaks in the nature: dirt sticks very well on the shorts. You can brush it off quickly, but it's still a bit annoying after a short time.

After some wash cycles, the white logos and ornaments are detaching from the fabric. This is of course annoying, but after all the abuse, it's not very surprising. Until now, we haven't found any comparable shorts to the ION shorts.

ION Short Logo


About the jersey:

About the shorts:


After countless rides with the ION Scub Amp combo we can confidently say: a true companion. We can't say anything negative about the jersey. We still enjoy riding with it, even with the small hole. Fabric and velcro fastener of the shorts are as good as wear-free. Only the white logos and ornaments fell victim to the washing machine, which doesn't affect the purpose of the shorts. Only the pockets bother us. A small multitool can hurt a lot after two days in the Alps. But, as you usually have a backpack with you on long trips, this is not a major setback. Altogether, the shorts are performing very good. The value-for-monay ratio is right in our opinion, as stability and function have priority for us. That's why we give you thumbs up and a purchase recommendation.

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