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MTB Fork-Tuning with Volume Spacers

MTB Fork-Tuning with Volume Spacers

MTB Fork Tuning

Tuning suspension forks using volume spacers - We show you how it's done!

A correctly set up suspension fork is a requirement for riding trails fast and safe. Using "volume spacers" or "bottomless tokens", you can set up your MTB air suspension perfectly.

Have fun following our instructions!

Some advice before we start:

  1. Volume spacers affect your suspension. If you have never set up your suspension before, first watch our beginner's guide: >>Setting up MTB suspension
  2. What does adding or removing volume spacers do? Using these tokens, you can tweak the suspension properties of your fork. The more tokens you add, the smaller the positive air chamber gets, and the suspension gets more progressive. You can prevent bottoming out the forks without having to add more air pressure. Adding spacers is worth a try especially if you are an advanced or heavier rider. Beginners or less heavy riders can remove tokens to get a more linear spring rate and use all the travel.
  3. When adding or removing volume spacers, pay attention not to let any dirt into your air chamber.
  4. The correct function of your suspension does not only depend on your setup, but also on the service condition. Check when the last service was done. Dry gaskets and old oil can affect the function of your suspension.
  5. Try different setups! Volume spacers are an easy and effective way of tuning your suspension. Try out various numbers of tokens and air pressures until you have found your perfect setup.

You have read that? Then we can now begin tuning!

1. Adding or Removing Volume Spacers

The only thing left to say now is: Happy trails!

Your Maciag Offroad Team

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