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MTB Bleeding the RockShox Reverb Seat Post

MTB Bleeding the RockShox Reverb Seat Post

Bleeding the RockShox Reverb Seat Post

Bleeding the RockShox Reverb Seat Post - we show you how it's done!

The RockShox Reverb is considered one of the most reliable seat posts on the market. However, due to falls or improper installation, air may enter the hydraulic system and affect the function of the lowerable seat post. We'll show you how to bleed your Reverb and what you should consider when doint it.

Some useful advice in advance

  1. Be sure to use the correct hydraulic oil from RockShox. Incorrect use of other mineral oils or brake fluid can cause your seat post to be damaged.
  2. Pay attention to cleanliness when bleeding. Dirt in the hydraulic system of your line can permanently damage your seat post.
  3. We recommend using an original RockShox bleeding kit. This is the only way to guarantee a properly sealed system when bleeding and that there's no more air left in the pipe after bleeding.
You have read that? Then we can now start with the bleeding!

1. Preparation

2. Bleeding process

3. Function test

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