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Motocross & Enduro - tips on buying a used offroad-bike

Motocross & Enduro - tips on buying a used offroad-bike

You want to buy a used offroad bike? We help you with valuable tips for buying used motocross and enduro bikes

The purchase of used MX & enduro bikes isn't rocket science, but should be well prepared, so there are no nasty surprises afterwards. If you follow the advice below, nothing will stop your adventures in the dirt.

Some useful tips in advance

  1. TAKE YOUR TIME! A detailed bike inspection isn't done in only 5 minutes. Make sure the seller has enough time and don't let yourself be rushed.
  2. DON'T BE FOOLED! The condition of a used dirtbike can't be determinded only by the looks. A new plastic kit says nothing about the technical condition of the motocross bike. An hour meter isn't meaningful as it can be zeroed or installed later.
  3. THE SELLING PRICE IS NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING! Sure, everyone wants to make a good deal. But remember that second-hand purchases of bikes always have consequential costs of repairs. The replacement of broken or worn MX parts can quickly become a cost trap. Spending a few houndred Euros more when buying the bike can pay off in the long run.
  4. GO AHEAD SYSTEMATICALLY! Often, one forgets important details when testing aimlessly. Start at one point of the bike and proceed systematically until you have checked everyhing important.
  5. THE TEST RIDE COMES LAST! You should take this advice to heart, because it's about your health! Before you start the test ride you MUST have checked the bike technically. Test the brakes, check the bike for loose screws, weak points in the frame, etc. Of course, you should also wear the appropriate protective equipment during a test ride: MX helmets, MX boots, gloves, etc.
You have read that? Then we can now start with the details.

> Download your PDF-Checklist now

1. Check tires, wheels and brakes

2. Check the suspension

3. Check the cockpit and the frame number

4. Check the cooling system

5. Visual inspection of engine and exhaust

6. Control of footrest, footbrake lever, kickstarter and swingarm

7. Control of drivetrain components

8. Visual inspection of rear and main frame

9. Start the engine and go for a long test ride

Everything checked and tested? Then you're almost done

  1. Collect your impressions and take a total look at the bike. All defects that you have discovered during the inspection and test ride should be discussed with the seller. If the condition of the bike is worse than described, then it's a legitimate reason to negotiate the price again.
  2. Ask the seller if he still has some spare parts, accessories and equipment left over. Often you can negotiate a few good deals here and there and save some money. If available, the seller should also hand out the manual. This contains valuable tips for the maintenance and care of your new bike.
  3. In any case, use a purchase contract to complete the purchase of the used bike safely. On the purchase contract for motocross bikes, at least the frame number should be noted, if necessary, there's also a type certificate. For enduro bikes, a vehicle registration certificate and a vehicle registration document must be handed out in addition to the bike.
Although there is always a small risk when purchasing used motocross bikes, these tips can help you in the selection of your bike. If you're still unsure, you can always contact us. Write us a message on Facebook, Instagram or contact our customer support. You're welcome to ask your questions below our YouTube videos.

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All that remains to say is: Ride on!

Your Maciag Offroad team