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Change Motocross & Enduro chain kit

Change Motocross & Enduro chain kit

On Enduro or MX bikes chain, sprocket and chain wheel are constantly under extreme stress.

Regular maintenance und monitoring of your chain kit

To ensure your chain kit a long lifetime you should check your bike's components regularly and maintain them properly. The stress and related wear on each of the parts differs greatly and depends on your way of driving and the surfaces you are riding on regularly. One indication that you might need to change your chain is to check its lateral play. Another option is the usage of a chain measurement gauge to assess if your chain needs to be replaced. Whether you should replace your drive pinions and chain wheels can be determined at the condition of the teeth. If they show signs of wear and round off at the edges, a replacement would be reasonable.

Your chain kit from Maciag Offroad

Our chain kit configurator allows an easy and fast replacement of your chain kit. Just enter manufacturer, type and year of construction of your MX or Enduro bike and we will calculate the ideal chain length for you. The drive pinion and the chain wheel are of course also included in our chain kit. Both will be selected matching your bike.

Our PDF-instruction offers you a step by step guide to change your chain, drive pinion and chain wheel with little effort. Download our PDF guide now.

1. Removing sprocket and chain

2. Removing the rear wheel

3. Mounting the chain wheel

4. Installing the rear wheel

5. Changing the drive pinion

6. Installing the chain

7. Tensioning the chain