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Where your engine stops, FMF starts!

For the US-Americans from the south of Los Angeles, exhaust systems are a religion and where some have a heart, the US boys from FMF propably have an exhaust. Driven and motivated by the development of technology, the Californians were already in the middle of the action when it was up to date to have single-shock absorbers and water-cooled engines on their bikes. And FMF are still one of the market leaders in the age of aluminium frames and electronic gasoline injection with their exhausts and exhaust systems.

The smart Californians never loose sight of their goal: to build headers, silencers and exhaust systems with the best performance and thus tickle the optimum out of highly developed machines. At FMF, this is done with great attention to detail and from start to finish, everything is done by the experienced hands of its US employees instead of assembly lines.

What drives the guys from FMF is as banal as it's beautiful: at the end of the day, they want to get on their bikes and search for the next motocross track or enduro trail.

In our FMF shop you can get everything from exhaust plugs and wool to headers, exhaust bulbs, rear silencers and exhaust systems at a top price.

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