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100% - The Spirit of Racing

When you hear 100%, you always associate 100 percent with American motocross. The brand can look back on many historical moments and is extremely closely connected to the motocross scene, which has made it to a synonym for the sport, so to speak, because 100% has always shaped and promoted mordern motocross. The roots reach deep into the early 1980s. Even then, the popular logo adorned the equipment of the greatest motocross legends.

Thirty years later, it's the same passion that keeps the fire burning. A lot of attention to detail and ever new innovations also inspire the new generation of motocross rideres. With the slogan "How much effort do you give?", the brand shows that it's not just an MX brand, but that it's all about the sport.

The offered goggles are divided into 3 areas: Professional (Racecraft), middle class (Accuri) and beginner models (Strata). The product range also includes casual wear. From 100% you get t-shirts, hoodies, caps, beanies and stylish sunglasses! But 100% clothing has also proven itself in mountain biking and downhill sports. From helmets over jerseys to shorts, every 100% fan will find what they need.

The MX and enduro riders Marvin Musquin, Gautier Paulin, Cole Seely, Dean Wilson, Johnny Aubert and many more are supported. But 100% is also acive in promoting mountain bike riders like: Sam Hill, Myriam Nicole, Farbien Cousinie and Holly Feniak.

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